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  1. I may just be dumb, but I think I'm in a slight predicament. I have 3 Monitors, 2 normal monitors and then a TV. I also have a receiver with all of my speakers and subwoofer connected too. I'm trying to connect all the monitors/TV and the receiver so that i can use it like a normal 3 monitor setup and the receiver as just an audio output. However I am out of HDMI ports and I still have to connect the TV. Should I put in another GPU (not in use: gtx 750) (currently using 1070) and use that shittier GPU for the receiver since its just audio. Should I try and utilize my other DVI port and get an adapter? Is there an audio card I can use somehow? I already have a stein berg UR22 for my mic and headphone (primary audio output). Or can i connect the receiver to the TV (however the receiver would only work if the TV is on) These are just things I've thought of, but I don't actually know what will work, and work best. For cheapest preferably.