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  1. My whole pc specs, i5-9400F, 1660s, 16gb RAM, Mobo Asrock B365M-HDV, PSU 600w EVGA and it doesn’t seem to underperform in games, stays below around 55° 90% of the time
  2. Hey, does anyone know why my gpu is running below its potential? i finally got everything up and running after spending an extra like £500
  3. my friend and i have been trying to resolve this for a while but still no luck, please have a look and reply with any ideas
  4. im on the latest bios update, its probably the oem's
  5. i already cleared the CMOS it did the same thing, it wouldnt let me boot with gpu installed and using IGPU
  6. i used the 1050 since 2018 with the old PSU all worked fine, i upgraded to the EVGA psu this year and still worked fine
  7. i am not, it posts but wont let me enter bios or anything, it wont get past the post screen, it just freezes then fails
  8. i did yes, i have a 600w EVGA 80plus certified
  9. hi, does anyone know why my pc gets stuck at post? its an old dell pc, its the dell vostro 460, specs i5-2500 not k, 16gb ddr3 corsair vengeance, gtx 1050 not TI, latest bios A06, i put in the 1660s and it gets to post, stops then beeps once and black screens then has individual beeps every like 15-20 seconds, the 1660s works in other PC's jsut not mine. all help and info is appreciated <3