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  1. @Donut417do you know place to get the drivers
  2. @Donut417yes it's take sim card and I'm trying to get the driver to unlock it because it's locked to a dead phone company and put simcard on it.
  3. @Donut417 in my country we still have 3G and this phone uses gsm wich it what we use in my country but I need only the driver to get it to work
  4. @TT888 No problem Thanks.
  5. @Kannano problem but I want the driver I cant even find it
  6. @TT888 He is locked to an old network and I want to unlock it to use my sim card on it
  7. @Kanna no its a wireless phone modem thing it's like 13 years old and It's uses dial up to connect to the internet
  8. I know this question is strange but I need Huawie ets2258 driver does anyone have it?
  9. @Acid Panda Thanks I appreciate it.
  10. @Acid Panda I mean does it comes with a display port cable in the box
  11. Does samsung crg5 27 inch 240 hz curved monitor comes with display port cable in the box
  12. @PCGuy_5960 Do I need display port 1.4 or 1.2 on rtx 2070 to enable g-sync
  13. @PCGuy_5960 I appreciate it you solved 100% of my problem becouse I wanted to buy a monitor but I was scared buy screen tearing.