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  1. It's gonna be a ultra pc I'll share a video when it's built I'll build it myself first time But do you know it's very difficult to spend so much on a PC literally
  2. Still confused in PCI gen 4 what are the advantages is it future proof
  3. Yes bro it is within budget as you know it still cheaper than MacBook Pro
  4. Hi did u saw the image that I just uploaded on the main thread
  5. I made up a list what you think It's costing me a lot Rs2,30,000
  6. Yes I think this rig will work for at least five year minimum
  7. Yes they are built to run for longer periods not like 4-5 hour game quadros are serious work
  8. But somehow I am getting 2070 super and rtx quadro 4000 both at the same price that's why I think quadro is more value for money
  9. Help me build architect Workstation PC (NO GAMING)[INDIA] for long term 5-7 years please help I've a budget of Rs 250,000/$3500 I've bought a LG 27" 4k MONITOR already For Architects workstation pc WHICH COMBO GOOD? 1) RYZEN9 3900X & QUADRO RTX 4000 COMBO 2) RYZEN9 3900X & RTX 2070SUPER COMBO im getting both cards at same price also check the image attached ---------------- Software's using HEAVY LOAD 27X7 ( mostly 3d modelling buildings ,and rendering n animations) Revit,sketchup, Twinmotion,vectorworks,rendering softwares ,vray,Rhino 5,grasshopper, illustrator, Photoshop, premier pro -Architect Bhavesh Panse Email- arbhaveshpanse@gmail.com
  10. I mean can the individual key be remapped to do another functions like example 'w' key work as ' k'key
  11. Is there any cheap mechanical keyboard with the similar software facility