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  1. i did little bit research and only 2/3/4 way cf gpu is rx 580 but you can guess those are sold out but few weeks and they gonna get more hopefully.
  2. well any good recommendations from amd budget is 350€
  3. Im using that pc for gaming and editing
  4. i had to use translation on this page but this is the site where i bought those 2 rx 5500 xt 8g oc and it says that it has crossfire. this is so weird.
  5. rx 580 not hsa any bridge but still my earlier pc had 3 x rx 580 and then amd contol panel show that crossfire option
  6. bestbuy says that it has crossfire (i didnt buy it from bestbuy)
  7. but amd says in their website that it is crossfire compatible and my my mobo says same
  8. Hey The problem is that i have two msi radeon rx 5500 xt mech 8g oc on my mobo MEG X570 GODLIKE X570 and mobo and those gpus support crossfire but in amd control panel i dont find that option. I already tried reinstall those drivers ,but still nothing. I hope you guys can help me with this. -Reaper