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  1. Thanks, I am redownloading the Windows iso, I will respond again when it is done in an hour
  2. Using Bootcamp simply prompts me to download the ISO onto my own Mac, so I know that the ISO works (right?)
  3. I only have a Macbook pro, so I downloaded the windows 10 installation media onto a flash drive from the Macbook pro using this youtube tutorial which is 1 minute long lol
  4. Hello, I'm having some trouble and I think that although the fix is easy, I cannot find it. I built my new system on a MSI MAG b550 Tomahawk with a Ryzen 5 3600 Cpu, and it seems to work, I entered BIOS and all is well. However, the USB i plugged into the motherboard (To install Windows10) is not showing in the Bios boot priority, and when I enter the boot mode (F11) it simply shows "Please select Boot device:" but no boot device is shown and the only option is "Enter Setup" which takes me back to the BIOS. There is a feature in the BIOS called Board explorer which shows me what is on the Mobo, such as my RAM and Cpu and all that, but there is no USB shown in the usb slot I entered my flash drive. My problem is, then, I cannot find how to add my USB to the boot priority to boot up the Windows 10 installer, Please help!