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  1. everything was ordered online and specifically on the box it says ryzen 3000 desktop ready so my 3600 should work with it or at least my athlon 3000g right?, and is it possible to know your bios ver. without being able to post? (Sounds stupid but im desperate to know anything i can)
  2. I have two new cpus (one is an upgrade and the other i bought to update bios because i thought it was problem) i also tested another psu and it didnt work so im just lost
  3. Ram is 2x8 2400mhz ddr4 ram. Also tried different slots and still nothing Yeah, i think im just really really unlucky or something lmao if i wish i knew what was wrong though.
  4. I thought the PC Mate was compatible with Athlon 3000g out of box? Although i have a feeling i may have broke the cpu socket by pulling out the cpu
  5. New one - Asus Prime b450m-a/csm Old one - MSi B350 PC Mate
  6. Yeah i reseated it a bunch of times also tried with the other psu which is a 4pin connector
  7. Yea well for the asus one it doesnt have any ez debug leds
  8. yeah all fans spin i was thinking it was a cpu connector problem but im guessing not when i short the power pins the system turns on just no post
  9. I just finished testing another psu and still nothing. eeeee this is really getting to me
  10. im 99% sure the 2060 isnt broken because i used it before. *FULL STORY* after my 2400g ripped off the socket and i got the cpu off the cooler the pins were bent and i bent them back after that i got this problem and decided for an upgrade, problem still persisted then got a 3000g to update bios, 3000g didnt work so i assumed my socket was broken and so i bought a new mobo. Now im stuck at either the psu is messed up or i got unlucky and the bios wasnt installed onto the motherboards but like i said earlier the 3000g for some reason doesnt work.
  11. Hopefully its affordable because this pc repair store near me charges $100 for a bios update which is insane