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  1. Computer requires a reset/reboot when trying to wake up from sleep. I am running Windows 10 version 20H2 Here are my hardware stuff I changed my power settings to never go to sleep or turn off display.
  2. @VeganJoy Thanks. I realized that wouldn't help. I provided a more streamline re port. Posting it again. Thanks
  3. So temps seem to be in normal limits? Courteous of MSI afterburner 17:26:51 Connected to MSI Afterburner control interface v2.3 17:26:55 GPU1 : VEN_10DE&DEV_1E84&SUBSYS_87081043&REV_A1&BUS_2&DEV_0&FN_0 17:26:55 Memory clock +0MHz 17:26:55 Overvoltage 0 % 17:26:55 Power limit 100% 17:26:55 Thermal limit 83 °C 17:26:55 Fan speed 1 Auto 17:26:55 Fan speed 2 Auto 17:26:55 Start scanning, please wait a few minutes 17:26:59 Scanning point 1 of 4 17:30:13 Scanning point 2 of 4 17:31:45 Scanning point 3 of 4 17:32:36 Scanning point 4 of 4 17:33:16 Scan succeeded, average overclock is 59MHz 17:33:16 Dominant limiters 17:33:16 Power 17:33:16 Overclocked curve exported to MSI Afterburner
  4. Just doing what @eeeee1 asked. I thought it was a bit too much.
  5. Screenshot of temp reported by CPUID HWMonitor
  6. Got inspired to run some benchmarks after watching a very entertaining PC troubleshooting battle between Steve and Jay. Ran a temp program called CPUID HWMonitor. Idle temp seems high. During CPU stress test it got to 160 F. All the fans are running. I have a corsair H115i platinum. Case is TT view 71 using the stock 140 x3 case fans I am pretty sure I installed everything correctly. Forgot to mention. AIO installed in a push config (fans blowing air through the radiator at the top of the case). Front fans are sucking air in and back fan blowing air out. HWMonitor.txt