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  1. Pirated that can't be bought anywhere, but i get it. Can you give advice on where to look for advice then
  2. Hello guys. I have seen the videos where they build the Retro gaming cabinet with MAME emulator. I have noticed that is it hard to find games without errors and faults, and it is super hard to figure out which versions of games fits best with which version of MAME. So my question is. Does anyone here have, or does anyone know where to get a complete collection of working MAMA with games library and everything setup? Is it possible to get a copy of the files they use in the cabinet so you know it is working, os is it possible that any of you guys have complete working setups i can get copies of? If yes and for free, then thank you very much. Else I am also willing to pay a bit as thanks to the community for "sharing" Thank you. Best regards.