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  1. I connected the pwm fans to the pump. USB to usb header, sata power to psu, 3 pin to CPU_Fan Header. I'm left with these 4 and 3 pin cables (see attahed) that have no where to go on my motherboard. They do not connect to any of the top headers AIO_Pump or CPU_OPT. So I booted up and installed ique, and everything seems to be working including the fans and RGB. Should I just disregard these extra cables that are attached to the pump? Can I use CPU_OPT to control a pwm case fan, since it is not being used? Am I missing something here? Thank you for your time!
  2. That is the answer I was looking for. I can wait, and I shall!
  3. I am having trouble deciding on a video card (last part to purchase). I am leaning towards RTX 2070. I'm in a Meshify C with H115i w/ noctua fans (planning radiator mount in front) so space is limited. Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/z3MfXv I would like to stay under $550 usd 50% CAD'V-Ray', 50% Gaming Thank you in advance for your expert opinion!
  4. Cleaning is important! Thanks!
  5. I'm installing h115i platinum in a Meshify C. I am replacing the Corsair fans with Noctua fans. Is there any benefit to installing the fans in front of the radiator? I would prefer to install on the backside of the radiator.
  6. Those options make sense now, thank you for the clarification! My i9 10900k will be arriving towards the end of this month, so I'm taking my time planning this out. It's been over 12 years since my last pc build, and a lot has changed in technology. My hardware tech knowledge is revived from being frozen in a time capsule.
  7. Wow! Thank you for a quick response, and expert guidance!
  8. I have (2 count) Samsung 970 m.2 ssd. My build also contains corsair h115i cpu cooler (with 2 count 140mm fans), Zotec 2070 rtx mini video card, and two other sata storage devices. This is on an Asus Maximus Hero vii. Given that some connectors share bandwidth (see attached image from manual), what configuration or location for each connection do you recommend? I greatly appreciate any expert's wisdom and time.