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  1. Hey Darpyface! Thanks for the super fast reply. Noted about UserBenchmark I won't use it again in the future! I assume with the CPU I have there isn't much difference between the two GPUs you have suggested? So I could buy either after looking at the specs of them. Also shockingly... Userbenchmark didnt pick it up but I have a SSD already. Maybe because its old, but it is there! I've also been recommended a 1660 TI from a friend but I assume it will have the same result as the 1080 with bottle necking. I am not against upgrading the CPU if that's what is needed too! Thanks!
  2. Hey, I'm new to upgrading PC parts and unsure what to buy, to avoid and what price tags are best. I've used the little knowledge I have on the matter and found myself browsing UserBenchmark with my current PC build. Userbenchmark shows my graphics card is what's lacking the most for playing bigger games on higher graphics with good FPS and no spikes, I also want to play VR games in the near future. (and lacking RAM it says apparently). I would like it upgraded to a much better GPU, that being said I don't really know anything beyond that. I have checked what GPUs would be compatible with my motherboard (asus z97-k) and a good rated one on the site is the GTX 1080. Can anyone help out on whats best to get and isn't going to cost my a really absurd amount? Link to my current builds Userbenchmark test: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/31576530 I've attached two screenshots. One of Userbenchmark comparison build (my current build being on the left Vs my build with the GTX 1080 on it) And a second of the recommended GPUs for my motherboard. Thank you in advance!