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    South Africa
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    Gaming, web development , PC building and repairing.


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    Intel Core i3-7100 3.9 GHz
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    ASRock H110M-DVS R3.0
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    8GB DDR4
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 TI 4GB

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  1. Well, it does work on all the other computers I work on...so...idk man
  2. Something else, digital copy got through devious means...lol. I'll install DirectX and see what happens.
  3. Ok thx, btw are there any apps that you could use to make a backup of a hard drive without the OS? (I've been thinking that I make a backup of the old drive, wipe the school drive and reinstall windows 10 and then install the backup on the new drive)
  4. Well if I have to guess..the intel graphics that would be on a 2nd-4th gen i3 or i5 CPU. And my desktop has a GTX 750 ti 4GB
  5. XDDDD My marks are fine m8, it's been a year since I actually played games at school a lot.
  6. Hey guys, so I'm busy refurbishing a PC I bought at school for my mom for basic office use. And I need some advice on hard drives. Ideas I have: Would it be a good idea to take a hard drive from one computer (my mom's computer) and installing it into the school PC? Would I lose anything from my mom's drive? Or Is there a way to transfer all the files from 1 drive to another without transferring Windows 10 as well? Thanks in advance! Regards Prime Minister
  7. Hey guys, so Need For Speed Underground refuses to work (doesn't even open) on my laptop even tho it works on my desktop and on the computers at my school just fine (the school PCs and my desktop all have Windows 10). I've tried compatibility settings and running as admin but to no avail. I'm not sure what else I could do to get it working. Thanks in advance for the help! Specs of laptop: i5-8250U 8 GB RAM 500GB SSD Intel UHD Graphics 620
  8. Oh, no, I know what you meant. I meant to just say that I don't think that buying and selling those keys are illegal here, XD. Saving links in one text file on the desktop with the name FREE OFFICE FOREVER.txt (as a mini prank) instead of installing Office would be pretty cool to do, lol.
  9. Nah, I'll rather stan for Office. And I think it's not illegal here either to sell those keys...
  10. The problem is getting low-cost licenses for Microsoft Office, lol. But I'll check it out, thx man.
  11. I have heard of CS50 before but I was unsure if I should try it out, but I'll check it out again. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Ok, good to know, I'll especially look out for the Microsoft thing. My main plan was to do like PC repair, build stuff as a side hustle (Gonna do a short course first where I can write the A+ exams as a bonus/optional thing) while I do a course in Web Development but it's more of a test run to see which one of the two I prefer more. (Thanks to LTT, I got super curious about the physical side of things in IT and inspired me to refurbish a cheap office pc I bought from school for my mom as a mini test run.) Thanks for the advice! Btw here are some links to what I'm gonna study next year (for referencing and a bit of clarity maybe): Short Course in PC Tech: https://www.boston.co.za/boston-city-campus/qualifications/information-communications-technologies-ict/computer-technician/ Course in Web Dev: https://www.aie.ac/tcp-2_30_374-it-systems-developer-nqf5-computer-programmer.html
  13. Hey guys, so I want to get some advice on which certifications would be advantageous for a career in Web Development and/or a career in being a PC Technician/ PC build and repair business owner. I'm asking cause I want to plan my study journey accurately so that I can get the right stuff from the start. And any general career advice about being a Web Developer/ PC Technician is welcome too! Certifications I have planned to get so far: Comptia A+ Thanks for all the advice in advance! Regards Ya Boi Prime