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    Intel Core i7-920
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    MSI X58 PRO-E
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Mamba Elite
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    Razer Kraken X
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    Windows 10

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  1. Tried that. didn't work. I also tried installing the audio drivers just to be sure, although i could have done it wrong.
  2. Its plugged in but doesn't appear playback devices or device manager
  3. So I built a Computer for my sis a few weeks ago and noticed that whenever I plugged in headphones or speakers the PC wouldn't see them so they wouldn't appear as an available output. I checked to see if the HD Audio chord WA slugged into the motherboard. I'm thinking it might have something to do with software. Can somebody help?
  4. So I'm having a problem where this pc I built (my first ever) isn't booting up. It worked fine for a couple of days but then it just turned off. When I hit the power button it lights up and the fans start spinning but after 4 or so seconds the while thing shuts down. Then it turns on again and rinse and repeat. Here are the specs listed below please help me. If I don't fix this my mom is gonna rip my psu out of my pc and shove it in there(probably break it cuz she doesn't know how) PSU : Corsair RM 650X GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 720 CPU: Intel Core i7-920 Motherboard: MSI X58 Pro It's old I know.
  5. I didn't expect to get responses so quickly. I don't have much money but I have no problem saving up. I live in germany.
  6. Hey. I'm upgrading from my Intel Core i7-920 to an Intel Core i5-9400F. My PC has an MSI X58 PRO-E. I wanted to know if these two are Compatible before I buy the processor. I also don't know a lot about Computers so please help me.