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  1. Yeah I figured that'd be my best bet, I haven't used my PC much since I got it booting last night so I'm still a little worried that the issue might be deeper. Is it worth waiting a day or two to see if I get any more BSODs?
  2. Yeah I think so, I reset the CMOS so figured that would turn that off for me, still no post . And yeah they were definitely in the correct slots (not a slot issue cos the one ram stick that's broken doesn't work in the slot that I've got the working one in now)
  3. I recently built a PC (back in March) and had absolutely no problems until yesterday. I downloaded COD Warzone and hopped in to try it out, with the substandard GPU I have it wasn't going amazingly, had to run at lower than 1080 on normal (cos low looked like mud) to get 50-30ish fps and Vsync off so loads of screen tear. After playing for the first time the PC BSODs, thinking nothing of it (happens now and then so no biggie) I restarted and tried again. Got another BSOD - something to do with graphics I think. Gave up for the time being and then came back in the evening to try again - this time I disabled Nvidia overlay cos apparently that has caused issues. Another BSOD, restart BSOD on login. Try again BSOD on Desktop. Kill the power at the wall after shutting it down this time and turn it back on again, this time it just hangs on the desktop at a random point (had TM open and nothing spiked so no idea what caused it). After that the PC refused to post, all LEDs on, CPU fan spins case fans spin but no output to monitor. After reassembling the whole thing and following a no post checklist I got it to run with one of my 2 ram sticks, whenever I put the other one in in whatever slot the PC wont post (so its not the mobo CPU or PSU right?). I reset the CMOS and figured I might have goofed with the timings or something (although all I did was enable XMP and leave everything else on auto) still nothing . At first I thought it was GPU cos of a couple of the BSODs but evidently not. Is there any chance I can fix this RAM stick even if the PC wont post with it?? If not what can I do cos I don't believe I did anything wrong building this :(. Oh and btw I'm writing this on this PC, it works with one RAM stick just fine so far (fingers crossed). Sorry for the ramble but any help would be greatly appreciated . My specs are as follows: Windows 10 ryzen 5 3600 corsair 2x16GB 3200mhz (although only one works now) GTX 760 4gb rev 2.1 (or 2.0 not sure cos I got it second hand in the wrong box for cheap) Intel SSD 1tb Corsair 850W gold+ PSU (reason behind GPU was that it was a stopgap for something better soonish when I can afford it)