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  1. so its fine with a rx 570 4GB fitted with it too ? then its awesome !
  2. 55-65$ or 4000-5000 in INR , if i spend more than that i wont be able to afford another 8 GB ram , so a Asrock a320 pro 4.0 is good enough right ? if not overclokcing or anything ?
  3. Hello Guys , I am a beginner in this field , building my first pc on a tight budget so going for 3100 andrx 570 4GB but in order to get 16 GB 3000 mhz ram i need to cut short on the motherboard and get a a320 mobo instead of a b450 will that be a good decision ? If yes then which one should i go for ? your help will be highly helpful! P.S - I am not going to overlclock or anything , just going to play games on high settings , games like bf 1 & 5 , R6, Tomb raider games , AC titles like unity , origins ,,