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  1. So, i have this old system that I use for retro gaming. I was looking at some cool wall mount pc's and I got inspired to make one. Although, not as flashy. So, no RGB and such. I have only three main things to mount, the motherboard, HDD and the PSU. I had them laid out in a pattern that works for the PSU chord length and looking somewhat decent. I would really love it if you could help me fine tune the layout (although, not entirely possible the psu has a really short line for cables) Shopping for parts, mainly, 1. Suitable back board to mount the hardware to 2. Mounting hardware (DIY if possible) 3. Vertical or horizontal I can't stress enough, i'm not going for looks. I'm just trying out my first wall mount build, so that I learn some techniques for my real build later this year. This system will most probably hang in the basement gaming room where nobody other than me can see it. Thanks in advance for your help
  2. So, i've been watching the Tech Support Challenge stream and Steve pulled out this board with just motherboard standoffs and dropped the board on it. Is that something they made themselves or is that something I could buy? Looks really cool tho. I only ask because I'm trying to wall mount my old PC (to use as a secondary entertainment system) and looking for some ideas. Anyone have any suggestions for that? Thank you