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  1. That’s the only thing really, I don’t want to upgrade the case down the line of owning the pc because of upgrading the cpu. Could I do anything else?
  2. Already have an Xbox One and PlayStation 4, just want a computer now.
  3. Would I be able to upgrade that pc to an i5 when I get enough cash? I don’t want to be stuck with an i2.
  4. ps. I would like to use a dell pc case, not a dell pc and upgrade it just wanna use the case.
  5. I really want to build a pc that costs around £115 pc that can run fortnite medium settings at 60fps.
  6. I don't live in the US, so the postage is really expensive to England.
  7. Really? Thats the exact same cpu that Linus used in his video
  8. That’s the pc I’m talking about haha. That’s the exact same as the video.
  9. This pc would have a Intel Core 2 QUAD Q9550 and a GTX 750Ti.
  10. I really like the specs on the Linus video, for the price I feel it’s worth it. I’ve already got it in my basket on eBay, just need to know if it’ll work like normal. My friend has a dell computer that runs well, and this would be the best pc I’ve ever owned.
  11. Hi! I’m planning to do the $69 gaming pc (a video by linus) but I was concerned by the cardboard near the graphics card. Will this affect the expierence? This will be my rig for a while. Maybe even a few years, but I want it to run like a normal pc. Image of the cardboard from the video is below, thank you!