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  1. Motherboard is Gigabyte b450 Aorus Elite GPU is Asus ROG strix 5700xt Ram is t force delta 16gb I'm using Asus Aorus software to control the GPU, SSD and ram. But the motherboard doesn't show in that, probably because it is a Gigabyte board. So I use RGB fusion to control the board, however it doesn't change the colour of the board at all. My aio cooler and case are connected to the board and change colour when I boot. But can't change colour in software. Thanks for the help
  2. I was using RGB fusion 2.0. I'll try to turn it off in bios now
  3. Hello everyone, was hoping someone could help me figure out the problem I'm having. I've just built a new PC and my RGB on my gpu, ram and SSD all work fine and change colour through the software. However, when I try and change my motherboard colour through the software it won't change colour, I can't even turn it off. It's annoying me because my case fans and case are connected to the board and can't change them either. Whenever I turn the PC off they got red, and whenever I turn it on they change to a random colour until I boot the PC again. Thanks for any assistance you can provide