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  1. She lives!!!! Thus far anyways. I feel like something that I may have downloaded decided to conflict with everything and decided I can't have nice things. If anything else goes wrong I will post more information, however thus far (apart from having to redownload and setup things to my liking in terms of programs) she is up an running. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to helping me try to figure this whole situation out! :D I will definetly keep all these ideas in mind the next time something bad happens, not that I should think that way *knock on wood*
  2. I am doing a clean install of windows as we speak. I think I am going to let windows do all of it's updates and such before I go an download other stuff like drivers and such for my mobo.
  3. I reset the CMOS, still no luck. An again when I try to flash the newest bios for the sake of knowing for sure that I at least have the F9 version, it won't find it on the drive for some reason. Have tried two different flash drives to do this, and neither of them seem to want to work. I even have two of them plugged in at the same time, and yet only one thing shows up when I go to flash, and that is an allegede floppy drive (Don't have a floppy on my computer, sorry bios.) An yet when I unplug both of the flash drives, it then says it can't find any drives to pull a bios from. So I either have nothing, or a ghosting floppy drive rather than two different flash drives that should have the bios on them. Could I also maybe reinstall windows again an see if that fixes it? It was working just fine when I reinstalled windows the last time, but then as I rebooted for this an that I eventually got back to where I am now. I will try more troubleshooting after work tomorrow, any other ideas would still be appreciated, I will try to think of more things as I play miserable retail employee all day.
  4. Also when I try to flash a new bios, the computer wont recognize the bios file. It also assumes my usb drive is a floppy drive.
  5. How does one reset cmos? I am unsure and am floating about the bios settings trying to find it.
  6. With the 6100 or again with the 8350? Probably the 6100 since it was the one that was working before all this?
  7. So put the 6100 back in, and it is also freezing at the desktop. I don't understand what is going on, but I think it has escalated from being a cpu problem at this point.
  8. I did have the most up to date bios before I swapped the cpu yes, I am fairly certain anyways. I will try to swap the CPU's back out and see what happens I guess.
  9. Also if it helps at all, I can actually boot into safe-mode just fine, however trying to boot into native windows just freezes after one or two start up programs launch.
  10. So I wasn't sure where to put this, but since it seems to be stemming from my attempted CPU upgrade, I guess this will have to do. I purchased an FX-8350 to upgrade from my FX-6100 because I figured why not right? Didn't think it was gonna be any trouble at all, a simple swap and then if anything I would have to tweak a thing or two. (This could be a total noob approach, an at this point it feels that way) To play it safe, I reset my mobo settings to default, undoing any an all overclocks that I had and whatever else. Powered down the computer, swapped the cpu's, and then rebooted the PC. Worked fine, however I noticed that things like CPU Z, Core Temp, you name it would say it was an 8350 but say that it had 6 cores and threads I found this strange, but when going into the device manager, windows detected all the cores, so I assumed that it was just those software's possibly being out of date and them just not adjusting just yet. I also noticed that the temps seemed a bit high, an thought maybe that had to do with a poor reseating job of my cpu cooler (CM Hyper 212), so I decided to once again power the system down an reseat the thing to try and ease my suspicions. This is where it gets really strange. So I went to reboot the PC and for some reason, it was booting just fine until it got to the desktop and after booting a program or two, the thing froze up. I thought okay, maybe just a one time thing since stranger things have happened. I restarted it, it happened again, and again... One time it actually threw me a flat blue screen. Not the typical BSOD, but just a blue screen. I then thought okay the thing is pissed at me and didn't like me swapping the CPU's without asking or something, so I put in my windows CD in hopes that a repair via disc would solve my issues. No such luck, and I eventually resorted to re-installing windows just for the sake of everything. The re-install worked just fine, an I proceeded to download drivers and everything again, programs I had on the boot drive and such. I eventually was getting to the point where I felt like I had a decent amount of programs back on the thing, and then after an obligatory restart prompted by one of the many programs I was re-installing (ones I've had forever and they have never caused any issues before), it has started to stall an freeze again at the desktop. I am kinda at a loss at this point. I guess my real question is, is it possible it's a bad cpu that worked for a little bit and is now causing all kinds of nonsense? I haven't tried swapping back in the 6100 yet mostly because I am not sure I have the thermal paste left to reset the cooler another time, an because I've been trying to see if it was something software related what with the swap an all. Any help would be appreciated after this long-winded nonsense I may subject someone to reading. My Rig Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: AMD FX 8350 (Previously 6100) Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 RAM: 16gig's G-Skill Ripjaws 1333 GPU: MSI Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozer III PSU: XFX 1050W 80+Gold Boot Drive: Samsung 840Pro 128gig SSD Storage Drive: Random assortment of drives including external storage.
  11. Great looking build, and that mic is a beast!