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  1. Here is the review where its shown the two places where 3.5 HDDs can go at about 7:39 On the front where i plan to put one of radiators and on the bottom in front of PSU shroud but that doesnt look really nice
  2. My drives are 3.5 and as it says in picture its only in main chamber for 3.5, i looked at few reviews and for 3.5 there are only two options, in the main chamber instade of radiator (meaning i cant put one 360mm rad for cpu and one for gpus) or next to PSU shroud also in main chamber of the case, i will try to find the video where ive seen this
  3. Considering that im data hoarder and i managed to fill up every single device that has any sort of storage i might as well do that LOL
  4. My upgrade pan is to maybe one day replace soft tubing with hard tubing for gpus when i feel more comfortble with working with watercooling and also maybe replace CPU AIO too with custom loop down the line. I agree there are some aspects where phanteks look better but the issue with HDD mounting and not being able to hide them anywhere in Phanteks case really sticks out as a big drawback to me which is unfortunate cause phanteks looks really good too
  5. When changing platforms i usually backup my files and just do a clean reinstall of OS
  6. no longer available to me usually means that product is discontinued and i really hate it when stores put no longer available when its just out of stock, is really freaking confusing when they do that instade of just saying out of stock...
  7. Corsair h150i pro wasnt blocking any slots on older z390 boards but im not sure if new z490 boards are the same since the socket on those are apperently bigger than previous z270 and z390
  8. Logo would be sideways then, im asking because back on z390 motherboards corsair fit perfectly with that ram on MSI boards without blocking any slots but since z490 CPU socket is bigger im not sure if its still the case
  9. I remember people having problesm with NZXT coolers blocking first DIMM slot and having to rotate it at cost of having logo sideways, i know i can rotate it if it makes problems but then logo will be sideways and my OCD will be killing me...
  10. On corsair tubes go out on the side where DIMM slots are
  11. I have two options and havent 100% decided yet but i like big cases so my two options are Lian Li PC-V3000WX (probably gonna go with Lian Li it seems so far) and Phanteks Enthoo 719 I like the look on both but currently im leaning towards PC-V3000WX because it kind of looks cleaner and drawback with phanteks is that Hard drives (i have 2 SSD and 2 HDD) can be mounted only in two places, either in the front when not using water cooler but i plan to put water cooler so i want to put radiator in the front (360mm) so the onlyy other option for HDD on phanteks is mounting HDDs in front of vertical PSU shroud but that makes them really visible and not so pretty so Lian Li is probably way to go Since im probably gonna get Lian Li can someone who has experience tell me if this parts are gonna look small and ugly with too much empty space around them in that case Parts are: Msi z490 ACE mobo I9 10900K 4x 16GB gskill tridentz RGB probably corsair h150i pro 360mm AIO two evga rtx 2080 TI in nvlink with water cooling custom loop with soft tubing, transparent tubes but not colored coolant cause im afraid of clogging and its my first time im gonna try custom loop at least for GPUs Asus essence STX II 7.1 sound card Corsair 1600W PSU (btw, is that too much for this build) and bunch of probably corsair fans on cpu AIO and GPUs custom loop radiator and some more fans to fill up all empty fan holes in case and probably a corsair LED strip What do you think, are parts gonna look small in that huge lian li case and have too much empty space making it ugly? Also since i havent yet decided i want to hear what do you think, Lian Li PC-V3000WX or Phanteks Enthoo 719? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, so im getting MSI MEG Z490 ACE motherboard and 64GB of gskill trident z RGB RAM and i want to fill all 4 slots on mobo so i decided to go with 4 16GB modules, the water cooler that im getting is Corsair H150I PRO RGB and im wondering if pipes from water cooler are gonna block the DIMM slot closest to the CPU socket and i cant find much info anywhere, does anyone have similar setup, can you tell me if im gonna be able to put 4 modules of G.Skill Trident Z RGB with this water cooler Another option was NZXT Kraken X73 due to its nice looking infinite mirror effect on CPU block but i am kind of liking Corsair more due to nice RGB integration with MOBO and all the corsair LED controllers and hubs but its still kind of an option so i would also like to hear your opinion on Corsair water cooler and fans VS NZXT Thanks in advance :)