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  1. Thanks for you patience and help
  2. Sorry with fclk you refer to this? I need to set at 1800.0000?
  3. I did it, It works at 3200 but crash on 3600
  4. Hi guys I just bought two of this ram Xpg Spectrix D60G, Ddr4, U-Dimm, 8Gb (1X8Gb), 3600Mhz (Pc4-28800), Cl18, Non-Ecc, Rgb (Ax4U360038G16A-St60) running on a ASUS PRIME X570-P with amd 5 3 gen. And when I try to set in 3600mhz I got stuck in safe mode on the bios. I know how to install windows and a little more, that’s my level. Could you please help me? What I need to change on the bios settings to make it work. I could make it run on 3200mhz but more than that the pc restart itself at the bios a few times and then enter on safe mode.
  5. i see, ok that was helpful dude, thanks
  6. I already have a monitor, yes without power delivery, but I don’t want a new monitor, I was thinking in something more cheap, I just need a few more usb c ports
  7. Hi, I have a MacBook with two thunderbolt 3. And I need to connect to it the charger, my monitor, one external ssd and sometimes my iPad or something like that, and everything use usb c. So, is super easy find an usb type a hub. But I never find something that give me a bunch of usb c from usb c. I need more usb C, not A. Somebody know something could help me? From Amazon because #mexico. Thanks in advance o/