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  1. Hello forum, please help me solve my problem: I have: GPU: AMD RX 580 (latest AMD drivers 20.8.1) connected to the monitor via DisplayPort MONITOR: LG 32GK850F Ultragear - 1440p - 144hz - HDR400 Windows 10 Updated The problem is that when i start a game (FFXV - GROUNDED - SEA OF THIEVES) from Xbox App (i have Xbox game pass for PC) the monitor switches automatically in HDR mode even if i turned off HDR in Windows -> display settings And in the LG's OSD menu there isn't any setting for turning OFF HDR. I can't find any game setting in FFXV for example to turn off HDR I can't find any Xbox app setting to turn off HDR in windows 10 I do have HDR turned off in Windows -> display settings (see imgs) I want HDR off because the game experience with my monitor is better when HDR is OFF. Any suggestions? Thank you