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  1. Microsoft help is garbage so I came here for help.
  2. its crystal clear so its not going from my earbuds to my mic
  3. i just built it a week ago. I made the USB to boot off like 2 weeks ago.
  4. Suddenly yesterday, my Mic started play my PC audio. I turned off listen to this device, ive made microphone 100% volume. No matter what application i use, it has this issue. I used both 3.5 mm ports, and different earphones. I even reset my PC. I need help please.
  5. IS there any component that can be changed to increase speeds?
  6. What should I upgrade to incrase After Effects? Ram? I have 32gb 3200mhz xmp p 1.
  7. I have enabled Mercury hardware encoder but it is still 1%. How do I check my Codec?
  8. I was using Adobe After Effects and while rendering, My GPU usage was at 1% and I enable GPU acceleration. My Cpu is ryzen 7 3700x and my GPU is rtx 2060 super. Rendering is so slow and I don't know why. Please help.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. I'll definitely change my PSU and i'll see what i can do.
  10. Around 1600 dollars but since I live in Japan, prices are quite a bit higher.
  11. Hi, I am going to build my first PC soon and I was wondering if someone could check if my parts look compatible. Thank you. Team rgb 3600mhz 32GB. Black red NZXT H510 ASUS Nvidia RTX 2060 super Noctua NF-12 x2 Thermaltake Smart 600w power supply MSI B550 TOMAHAWK Seagate 4TB HDD x2 AMD Ryzen 7 3700x WD Blue 1TB SSD.
  12. Does this mean that there are no USB 2.0 headers used?