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  1. is there a way i can relay the information to you that doesnt involve giving ip adressess?
  2. Im sorry, i dont have a cable long enough to test that. my router is in the middle of my house, the range extender is in my room with my pc. it's had a great connection for like half a year. Also the slow speeds are on and off (i forgot to mention that)
  3. i mean the ethernet is connecting them both
  4. hi, sorry about that. service provider: TPG range extender: zenwifi ax os: windows 10 64 bit router: asus 6600 if there's anymore info you need let me know
  5. hi, im receiving 40mbps everywhere in my house, except on my computer i have a range extender that connects to the computer, when its plugged into a different device it has normal speeds. when its plugged into my computer i get 3mb/s. I've tried antimalware and different lan and chipset drivers for my motherboard. my motherboard is b450 aorus m.