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  1. Hi, I bought these ant esports 3fan kit, now to connect these to the motherboard(msi z390a pro), i need to use either the ARGB header which is not available in my motherboard or i need to use VDG header. so what confuses is me that i am not able to find or be sure that my motherboard has the VDG connector. all i could see is there 1 4pin JRGB header. can anyone help me is resolving this
  2. Hi, I recently came across a weird case that i haven't seen case before. does anyone know what case is this, i have attached the image also
  3. Hey Jason, The AIO arrived today i installed it, unfortunately mobo doesn't have ARGB 3 pin headers, only has RGB 4 pin header so i wasn't able to use the rgb in it. but apart from ARGB the cooler give a ultimate performance. at first I forgot to remove the plastic cover in the copper plate so was getting high temps and when i removed and checked again and removed the plastic cover and again installed it. the CPU is much cooler that expected I was expected around 18 to 10'c lesser, but look for yourself at the reduction in the temps. i have attached the pictures for you reference. I wasn't able to mount it with my gpu due to the limited space available in the case. moreover I tried to fix fan in front of the case mental thing in the front and radiator in back of the case mental thing, but screws were not long enough to hold it that way. just look at that gap between aio and my GPU that is tight spot.
  4. hey jaslion, yeah even i felt the same at the beginning so i did not worry about the temp unless it goes 90'c. the ambient temp in my room is usually 30-35'c so if the system is in idle mode is always around 38-42'c on average, which i didn't worry because it means the air cooler is working and keeping the temps as low as possible. when i switch to the gaming heavy load like red dead redemption or recent pc version of horizon, i run the NVidia GeForce and optimize the setting as per its suggestions, i always get around high setting or ultra in most of the games, the GPU under those setting even if i play like 4-5 hours the GPU temps was an average of 65-70'c. but when the CPU is reaching 80+ temps i am seeing there is an 50-55% load in the CPU and the game starts to lag a bit, so i am kind of confused to this that whether the heat is the issue or the CPU is a bottle neck in this case
  5. i looked my in the amazon and the header said like AM4 support like that. i wasnt able to find the specification like it supports the intel 9th gen chipsets. guess i saw the header and overlooked the component as AMD only https://www.amazon.in/Mugen-Rev-CPU-Cooler-Support/dp/B06ZYB8K77/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mugen+5&qid=1598197116&sr=8-1
  6. hey thanks for the tip Jason, what i worry is i have an ant esports ice 200tg something, it is an entry level once sided tempered mid tower case, i was planning to take Thermaltake V200 rgb case because it came with front temper and three onboard fans so I didn't need to worry, but i blew out the budget on the GPU so i had to compromise to this entry level case. this is ant 200tg case is an mid tower case which can support only 240 mm in radiator in the front, and 3*120mm fans in from and two in the top and one 120mm radiator in the back. i have also attached the pic of the PC, kindly ignore the horrible cables I have no place to cable manage it.
  7. this is still and great CPU why do u want to change.
  8. right now i am using antec c400 elite. as for your aforementioned cooler only the AMD version is available in my area. with an air cooler i was getting around 75+ 'C when i start to play warzone with no lock to the FPS limit. if i enable the nvidia g sync to lock at 60fps. the temp stays between 70-75. But if i exceed more than an hour the temps goes 75+ when the frame is locked in 60fps. i usually lock the fps to 60, when ever i am playing First preson shooters or any single player games. i worry when i play the multiplayer games, mostly i play csgo, rainbow 6 and warzone.
  9. Hey guys, Is the MSI coreliquid aio cooler is good. because i am not able to find any review that gives me a clear cut picture of it. And is that on overkill for an i5 9600KF with an RTX 2070. my motherboard is msi z390 a pro, it doesn't support argb only rgb, but i want to know whether i would be able to sync the mystic lights in my aio cooler. thanks in advance
  10. hey jason i look for 120mm fans, but the prices were too hefty, i couldn't get artic fans in my place. its not availabe in here. some good fans i could get were thermaltake and crosair only in my area. so i ordered an AIO cooler and three thermaltake pure 12 ARGB fans. for AIO i went with MSI coreliquid 240mm. is that good. i am not able to find any review which could give a clear cut picture of it
  11. sure dude. i actually used these mental shelf constructor tools to place my pc so i dont need to keep it on the floor. it is around 1.5 feet off the floor but yeah y room collects so much dust due to open windows, so i have to clean it 3 months once
  12. hi that for the tip dude. my case is a mid tower, it can fit a 240mm rad/ 3*120mm fans in the front and two 120mm fan in the top. what is was planning like to have front rad as an air intake and the top one as exhaust. like a balanced inflow and outflow
  13. Hi, i recently got an i5 9th gen processor with and rtx 2070 msi armor with an ice 200tg case from ant esprorts. now the processor has already have an antec c400 air cooler for it. I am kind of struck at how many fans do i need. cause all i have is the air cooler and the rear fan that came with the case. and 2 standard fans that come with the GPU. usually i use around 10 to 15 hours per day for mostly editing and gaming. in gaming my cpu temp maxed at 80'C under 64% load. and the GPU fans run 100% when there is usage of 75% of GPU. how many fans do i need or is it better to go for an AIO cooler