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    I strongly enjoy upgrading and repairing all kinds of PC's!


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  1. Hi, considering your PC is having graphics issues, have your tried updating or reinstalling your graphics driver? Since you have a processor with integrated graphics, try booting the PC using your CPU's onboard graphics. If you see the issues are gone something related to your GPU is the problem. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a bad cable or connection.
  2. HI, check out MKBHD's video on the XM4's today, he plays an audio sample of how the mics sound during calls on the XM4's it seems that the call audio is just as bad as the XM3's. I have the XM3's and when I need to do voice calls, or want to do some gaming with them I use this mod mic thing.
  3. HI, I found a thread on the exact issue you have. Apparently, your laptop has the little indent on the palm rest for the fingerprint scanner, but maybe not the hardware that's supposed to be underneath. I found that for your laptop, the scanner is an optional feature, but if you are sure its an option yours has, it may be a hardware issue. You can always try going into device manager and scanning for hardware changes.
  4. Its really down to three devices. 1. iPad Pro for ios 2. Samsung Galaxy tab S7 or S7+ 3. Surface Pro for limited Windows functionality.
  5. So, I did some reading on other forums, and a lot of people say upgrading the ram won't void the warranty if nothing goes wrong during the install. To be safe I would check the warranty terms for the device before opening it up. So, I guess it depends on the device and manufacturer.
  6. So, the Minecraft 1.16 update was a while ago. After that update the game is not running as smoothly as it used to. It runs just as bad on my S9 and S5E galaxy tab. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Even lowering render distance, and disabling the "fancy graphics" option doesn't really make it run smoother.
  7. @Saheed Yeah, I do agree that would make it more affordable, and upgrading your laptops ram is always a good idea. But since its a new machine upgrading the ram could void the warranty. So if it stops working during the warranty period, the manufacturer wont fix it. But if OP's friend is ok with losing warranty, upgrading the ram a good option.
  8. HI, it could be that the front IO is not plugged into the motherboard.
  9. That might void the warranty though. That one looked pretty good, but again only 8gb of ram....
  10. Hi, you mention the laptop is beeping, those beeps may indicate what the problem is. Try comparing the number of beeps to the beep code chart on the Parts People website. Also, are you running the latest bios update for your laptop? This issue does seem to be bios related. Sorry about your Grandfather passing away.
  11. Most laptops in that price range are going to only have 8gb of ram. Unless you find a really good deal, I have been looking online, and here is one of the best deals I found. Its a 10th gen i5 though, with 8gb of ram and 512gb ssd. 2020 HP from Amazon.
  12. I agree with Pixel5, your friend definitely should get a laptop featuring a ryzen 4700u, so much more value than the intel counterpart.
  13. I would choose the Latitude 9410 or the thinkpad x1 Carbon.