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  1. hi everyone needs help here i just bought an used msi z77a-g45 the sellers said the motherboard is works fine but when its arrive at me i installing everything it wont POST, on screen appearing a 99 code on bottom right corner of the screen, what ive tried clear cmos from the button on the motherboard remove and place again the cmos battery cleaning ram use igpu and my rx 580 removeing all port like sata usb 3 front but the power and other is still plugged i wrote some cases said that the motherboard was dead the sellers gave me a 3days warranty, if the product not work i can return it what should i do ? thaankss for the help ;))
  2. its not a 80+ bronze and its 10years old now, should i replace it asap ?
  3. thanks for the warm welcome. so i can use this for a while ? but can my rig make a sparkle if i still use this for a while ?
  4. hi im new i curious about my rig some people say that my power supply is trash, and i also miss seeing, i tough my psu was a 80+ bronze, but its only 80+ white instead should i change with my current specifications, or i can play it with no danger for my components i5 3570 h61m s2p r3 2x4gb rx 580 8gb nitro+ 4 corsair case fan 2 sata hdd thanks for the advice i really need a info