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  1. Yeah i replugged all the cables back properly but still its the same
  2. well the cable was working fine from so many days...i ended up in this problem after removing power cable from my gpu before that every thing was working fine...Well thnx anyways
  3. Just did that...still same result...i use ddu and then i reinstall gpu drivers using geforce experience and still it doesnt give me 144hz option.
  4. Well everthing was working fine earlier...i just removed and reinserted gpu cable..and now i am not able to access 144hz..and it seems my gpu drivers are also acting strange..
  5. Hello, So i am using a 144hz monitor from benq using a display port cable but yesterday i decided to clean my gpu so i unplugged and then after cleaning i plugged the gpu back. but now when i started my pc i am no longer getting the option for 144hz anywhere. Can someone please help. Sorry for my english.