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  1. Hello I'm having an issue where my pc will reach to idle 50 C and up to 70 C when doing anything at all and we checked everything and we even cleaned and re added thermal paste into the CPU and cooler. I'm using a Corsair H100i V2 used for 75 bucks with an i5-10600k at turbo boost at max at 4.8 GHz. My father have the same cooler as mine but with an i7-7700k and will have average of 30-40 C by doing nothing. Do I have to buy a new CPU water cooler because everything that we did from BIO's to cleaning and re adding thermal paste won't change anything at all. Do you guys recommend any CPU water coolers? Corsair? NZXT? Arctic Liquid Freezer II? I want to mount it at the top of my case and if not we can do front. I have an LIAN LI LANCOOL 2. I used to had a h80 that had 2 fans one in front and one in back doing a push and pull and will do really good temps of 30-40 C but my H100i V2 does a lot worse temperatures. Please help me Me and my dad can't find any solution of my problem even though my dad has been doing computers since Intel released the first ever pantium CPU came out in 1993. Any helpful tips on fixing the issue or recommendation on buying a new CPU cooler? u
  2. Hey guys its me again . Good news/we added thermal paste again and noticed we had too much thermal paste and re added it. But Bad news is that we had no change un like that the Temps where more stable and not going up and down much and doing an idle some where around 55-60 C and sometimes 70 C from just using EDGE or Chrome. We decided to buy a new radiator from the H100i V2 because it might the issue because my dad has the same one with an i7-7700k on Turbo boost at 4.5 GHz and is doing an idle of 30-40 C. Also I used to had a h80 doing a push and pull with one fan in the back and one in the front doing an idle of mostly 40 C. If you have any suggestion on which radiator to choose. I have the Lian Li Lancool 2.
  3. I noticed that ICUE wouldn't read the RPM of my radiator fans but will read from the RPM of the pump that is averaging about 2220 RPM. So you think it's a little sketchy from getting this radiator? and I'll try and check if theirs enough thermal paste or not.
  4. - My mount is at the top - We had enough thermal paste -Does it count if one tube is hot but the other cold? - My airflow is 2 Fans in front doing intake / Rear 1 Fan doing out take/ Top 240mm Radiator doing a Out take.
  5. I know too much thermal paste is bad too but the radiator didn't had thermal paste so we had to put a little more from the CPU I don't know my dad found it from ebay and been doing this for more than 10 years and never had any trouble, only like once or twice and bought thousands of stuff from other people in the world.
  6. The used H100i V2 was in good condition. The original owner didn't used it much and was switching to air cooling. I remember that it couldn't be thermal paste because we added more when we switching out the radiator.
  7. Hello i5-10600k running Turbo Boost not Overclocked/32GB 3200 MHz/ Corsair H100i v2 I'm asking you guys that I'm having an issue where My CPU load will increase for no apparent reason and then will reach 75 C. This will go on and on where the CPU load will increase then decrease, increase and decrease making the radiator fans speed up real fast trying to cool down the CPU to 50 C and not even running a game. I used to had the corsair h80 that had 2 radiator fans doing intake and out-take and will always have it in 40 C in all cores but my H100i V2 will cool all 6 cores at 50 C. I'm really confused why this is happening. The h100i V2 was used for 75 bucks and the h80 need to be switched out because only 2 screws were holding the system. Update My CPU was doing 71 C when doing this forum. Could it be that we didn't had enough thermal paste If this is not normal, please comment me
  8. Soo my question is that should I get a h115i pro or get a h100i v2 because of the tube location?