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  1. I got my XPS 13 9300 recently and I noticed that when playing audio, the keyboard produces rattling/vibrating noise which is very annoying as you can hear it all the time. This issue is not with the speakers as when I close the LID the Audio is crystal clear. Even when I place my hands on the keys which are above the speaker area The Audio is clear and no rattling. After some more testing, I found out that when the speakers produce sound in the range of 398Hz to 500Hz, the key rattling is much more pronounced and is clearly audible. Especially the Left arrow key rattles a lot and when I keep my finger on it the rattling stops and the audio is clear. The above-mentioned issue is clearly a manufacturing defect with my XPS 13 9300. Video(s)- link for the Issue: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhc6BCxJleCQHGH78pFb74QtXpGkiADCd When I contacted dell the Support team they agrees that there is this issue with my laptop (Evident in the Videos linked above) but is not able to send out a Technician to my location and expects me to go 25km+ to the nearest service station (Which is a third Party and has bad reviews) to get my NEW LAPTOP fixed. The solution provided by support team is absurd and unsympathetic I refuse this as a solution, why? Because I paid a premium amount for this Product and now DELL is telling me they can sell a laptop in my location with Premium Plus Support but is not able to service it. This is unacceptable behavior and I wanted this to be addressed professionally. After spending much more time with DELL Reps over the telephone now they have agreed to forward a replacement request, which is subject to acceptance and will take upwards of 15 days. Seems to me that My Choice to Go for Dell over other premium competitors was a wrong one and now I must suffer the consequences of a badly built product. I am from India, buyer beware. I Recommend checking out the videos I made.(LINKED ABOVE)