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  • CPU
    Intel® Core™ i7-8700K
  • Motherboard
    AsRock Z370 Extreme4
  • RAM
    VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15
  • GPU
  • Case
    Sharkoon TG5 - white
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster MWE BRONZE 650W
  1. Thanks for your answer The 750x is even cheaper for some reason. So if you tell me the Corsair is better I'm more than happy to go for it. But if it doesn't make a difference... Will it even make a difference to the Cooler Master MWE Bronze 650W I currently have in my build?
  2. I was planning on getting a new PSU because since I now have a Asus ROG Strix 2070 Super I experience coil whine in the GPU when playing several games that draw a lot out of the GPU or just have a really high refresh rate like Minecraft My current setup: PSU: Cooler Master MWE Bronze 650W MB: AsRock Z370 Extreme4 CPU: i7-8700k RAM: 2x16GB DDR4 GPU: Asus ROG Strix 2070 Super Not only am I planning on changing the PSU but also the MB to an Asus Strix MB... And now my question is should I also get the Asus Strix PSU? My options because of availability in Switzerland are currently to get the following: Asus ROG Strix 650G (650W) Corsair RM750x *2018* (750W) They both are about the same price. My question is if I even need 750W because all the PSU calculators tell me that 650W is okey... They don't consider all my RGB though. Is it even possible that if I buy the Asus ROG Strix 650G the GPU won't have coil whining anymore or is this also possible to be the cause of a poor motherboard? Because I already exchanged my GPU but the new one they sent me still has coil whining so I expect it to be the fault of either the MB or the PSU. So the bottom line question is: Should I go for the ROG Strix or a Corsair PSU if we consider the fact that I have a ROG Strix GPU and I am planning to get a Strix MB?
  3. what do you mean by that? If it's about the power cables I already tried both... Using one cable with the two connectors and using two seperate power cables for the GPU. I also tried to put the GPU into the other PCIe-x16 connector of the MB but that didn't change anything. The problem is that I don't have a spare PSU at home right now... But I have no problem buying a new one. Just I want it to be the right at the first try. Would you recommend a Corsair RM750x or a ROG-STRIX-650G, (or even the ROG-STRIX-750G)? I'm not really planning on doing a SLI setup soon so the only thing I might do in the future is upgrading to a 3080 or something.
  4. No but if I listen inside the case the sound is clearly coming from the direction of the GPU. Or do you mean a bad PSU could deliver bad current to the card and cause coil whining? If yes... Would a Corsair RM750x (750W) be better than my CoolerMaster MWE Bronze 650W? Or should I even go for a ASUS ROG-STRIX-650G (650W)? Because according to numberous websites a 650W PSU should be enough for my setup (but they don't consider all my RGB's)
  5. Well I already sent back the card and received a new one... It's pretty unlikely to get two bad cards in a row isn't it? And I haven't heared about 2070 Supers having so much trouble with coil whining or did I miss out?
  6. I recently upgraded from my old ZOTAC 1060 to a RTX 2070 SUPER and for some reason I get immense coil whining while playing games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Minecraft with a lot of FPS. With the old 1060 there is no coil whine hearable. I already sent the card back to the manufacturer and they sent me a new card but still... Same problem. The card sounds like my cat when you accidentally stand on its tail. The coil whine is coming from the direction of the GPU and not the PSU. But still... is it possible that coil while can come from a cheap motherboard or a cheap PSU that delivers "bad" current to the GPU? Because if yes I might consider upgrading my motherboard/PSU Current setup: MB: AsRock Z370 Extreme4 PSU: CoolerMaster MWE Bronze 650W CPU: i7-8700k RAM: 2x16GB Vengeance RGB PRO RRD4-3000 GPU: ROG STRIX RTX 2070 SUPER O8G GAMING I was thinking about upgrading my AsRock Z370 Extreme4 to a ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming because then it would at least be from the same manufacturer as the GPU. But if you think it's because of the PSU I could upgrade it to a Corsair RM750x (750W) What do you guys think is the problem with my setup or should I just live with the coil whining? Because apart of the coil whining my setup runs like a charm. EDIT: I posted it in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory because I think my main problem could be the motherboard.