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  1. the fan isnt making the noise, i removed its socket from pcb aagin restarted the gpu but the noise was still coming from the gpu, is their any way to fix this buzzing noise, it can be coil whine as well, any way to physically fix it ? thanks
  2. Yes the noise is coming from GPU, i also checked my PSU but it is working silently.
  3. Hello, My GPU had a lot of dust on it, so i removed it from the case and removed all the dust with an air compressor pump, now after re-installing the GPU and putting it under load like playing games its making a buzzing noise ( an electrical like noise ), i also stopped the fan of my gpu with a small stick but the noise was still coming out, can anyone please help me to fix this issue, also can this noise is the sign that my GPU is damaged and can it damage my GPU in long run. Thank You
  4. Just set up Wireguard VPN on that vpn start using it, Wireguard is much better than OVPN.
  5. Hello Everyone, So i recently purchased a used Desktop PC from a local retailer, so after installing the windows 10, its showing Intel Core i5-4470 as its CPU, i checked about this CPU on intel website, and all other major websites, cant find any single information about this CPU, I even checked the CPU itself and it shows "Intel Core i5-4470" is this an official cpu launched by intel or something else ? I've attached the pics here Cinebench Windows Properties CPU