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  1. When my graphics cards in ever fan goes to max
  2. But I bought 2 power supplys a new motherboard new ram just not a new cpu
  3. Nope nothing at all I don't know what to do
  4. I was tryna boot apex legends and it just cut power and didn't turn back on
  5. Also when I plug gpu in the motherboard the fans spin full blast
  6. Shall I take the mobo out to see if it works then or could it be the CPU but it doesn't make sense I can hear windows booting
  7. Also when I first booted the pc it showed pink dots on the start up screen but went back to normal after I had the pc for 3 hours before it went bust
  8. I have 2 tried on both the system worked perfect with both monitors
  9. I am using a i5 4570 The mobo is brand new I got 2 How ever I can still hear windows booting up in the background but just not showing me nothing
  10. The mobo is Dell optiplex 3020 MT 0VHWTR VHWTR I used same CPU When I put my gpu in the fans ram all the way up
  11. Yes it has onboard speaker I took ram out and it gave me beeps saying no ram but when i put the ram back in no beeps and I just hesr windows starting up with no display I have bought a new motherboard and PSU and still nothing
  12. My computer is a Dell optiplex 3020 I turned it into a gaming pc and took the original Dell PSU out and put a 80 plus bronze 600w one inside and put a Rx 570 I used for a couple hours till it turned off when I launched apex legends and hasn't turned back on I have replaced the PSU and motherboard and still no display from either the gpu or on board graphics