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  1. Can someone help me pick my first monitor? I'm looking for a 144hz 1080p curved gaming monitor that is under $300. I have had some people tell me a few good options but they are either not produced anymore or not quite what I'm looking for (e.i. the stand was too large). Any suggestions?
  2. Should I get an ips or va curved gaming monitor, and are there ips ones under $300? The reason I'm looking more into ips is because its curved and I here they have better viewing angles which I'm asuming is better for a curved monitor.
  3. Yeah I realised I should prob just geta 1080p one for now and then upgrade later. So do you suggest ips panels for gaming?
  4. So for my first pc build and setup I'm having trouble picking a monitor. I've looked all around and when I found one I saw a review on it on LTT and it wasn't as good as I thought. I'm looking for a good 144hz+, 1440p, curved gaming monitor for under $300. Can anyone help me?