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  1. Thank you guys for your help picking out parts for my rig it is now a beast it has an i7-7700 16gb ddr4 3200mhz rtx 2070 super oc 1tb ssd and a 1tb HDD
  2. I have scanned my system and it removed some viruses am I fine I was using but defender also I can’t wipe the drive as I have important program files like for music recording and I don’t want to manually back it up so I don't mess them up is there a program that can locate all files that came from a program and I can upload those files to one drive
  3. If I scanned with Bitdefender and it didn’t detect anything am i fine
  4. I am getting an ssd and I need to transfer my OS but my system is ratted what do I do?
  5. Ok but does my motherboard matter I. The spec or do all motherboards that are compatible with the i77700 go up to the max spec of the cpu