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  1. Games is really just csgo and verdun, I was able to run both games at low graphics on my last PC and budget is whatever money I can get
  2. Well my budget is whatever money I can get my hands on so I good cheapish one could be ok
  3. It says it has that exact amount so I might upgrade
  4. I honestly don't know, I know it was a Compaq and it had vista on it
  5. It deleted system32 also it's a old laptop so there is no point
  6. Hello! My name is Todd, My laptop recently got a virus, so I have been searching for a cheap Desktop. While looking on Amazon I saw a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7040, and was hoping to buy it, but I was wondering if it was, gameable? I will only really be using it for a bit of gaming ( just games like csgo and verdun that's about all I play ) some coding and editing, would this be possible? Kind regards - Todd :)