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  1. someone suggested I can fix it by running a manual garbage collection. I have no idea what that is.
  2. I just ran trim command in powershell but still same result Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter YourDriveLetter -ReTrim -Verbose Drive is around 65% full, so this slow speed is normal behavior and nothing can be done to fix it? and no point getting it replaced?
  3. I ran some benchmarks and I am getting very low write Seq. Q32T1 speed from few weeks in crystal disk mark. Originally Seq. Q32T1 write speed was always above 3000mbps when I bought it last year which is the advertised speed by company. I am not sure what could be the issue. Maybe the SSD is fried ? Does anyone know? Original Benchmark from last year: Recent Bechmark : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I could send the SSD for RMA but problem is I don't want to reinstall everything. I have 2 external HDD lying around. So I can clone full disk image of my SSD into a USB HDD then when I get it back I can restore image on it. Can anyone let me know good software to do that. Also I think first I need to create image of SSD onto an external HDD and then when I get it back I will have to install Windows on another spare HDD so I can restore that image back to the replaced SSD. It's very long and tedious process. Let me know if there is any easier method. I am not sure if its possible to restore the cloned image without installing any OS.