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  1. As I understand, aoc is not to bright for me, since i work in a well lit room. The viewsonic on the other hand, the stand is a disapointment.
  2. Or a Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD QHD for 350 open packaging
  3. I can also get AOC CQ27G2U/BK for 320€ I'm more intrested in how the proces of cinecting goes. Does the resolution aitomativly switch to the screen resolution when i close the lid. Would really like a 1440p for watching movies youtube ect. In other words, is it a pain in the ass conesting a higher resolution monitor to a 1080p laptop. It also is a first "real" laptop, bought it for its price, build quality good specs, some cad, davinci resolce, ocasional light gamming, so i don'tneed or have the ability to buy a holly grail of a monitor
  4. I am from Eu, Slovenia Found Samsung C27JG50QQU For 280€ on a local trusted online shop So 300€ refreshrate doesent even matter, i have a 1660ti, so ig 144 is nice for csgo lol More than that, i care about a good display to look at, but still capable of noce refeeshrates and semi low respons times.
  5. Hi, I am in market for a gaming monitor to use it as a athome dispaly for my asus g14 1080p 120hz. I'd like to buy a 27in 1440p monitor to use as a primary display, laptop lid closed conested via display port. Is there foung to be a problem when connecting to a 1080p laptop, will i have to change resolution in settings every t8me I plug in, does laptop even support resolution higher than internal screen. Thanks lots