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  1. The problem is that most of them don't have professional reviews... Yes but the 32" is 1080p, not 4K
  2. The problem with TVs is that they're either 43"+ or not 4K, and I don't have the room for a 43". It seems like most screen are either IPS, which is great, but the VA's 1:3000 contrast blows IPS's 1:1000 out of the park for movies, and 1080p/1440p seems to be too little for a 32", seeing as I'm ~2.5 feet from the screen.
  3. I'm looking for a 4K VA monitor, preferably 32" but anything between 27-32 would be fine. The most important thing to me is movies and TV (hence the VA). I want to get a better experience watching movies than I get with my IPS 1080p monitor. The second most important thing would be office work (coding and writing). I don't care about gaming performance, I don't play much and when I do I have no need for over 60FPS. Budget is 500$, but I'll go to 600$, maybe a little more, if there is a noticeably better monitor. I read good thing about the BenQ EW3270U in that category. Would that be a good choice? Is there a better option?
  4. Yeah I had a feeling it might be the case. Guess I'll have to hope that we'll have small OLED TVs at some point in the future. Thanks. I know, the app is better but no by much. I downloaded a few movies using the app and they're 2-2.5GB which is way too small. I usually download HQ releases, about 8-12 GB for a movie.
  5. 600$, but if there is something significantly better I'm willing to go up to 1000$.
  6. I have a Dell P2314H PC monitor, which is a great IPS monitor, although a little old (I think it's been 7 years on the market). Something that bothers me a little is the big difference in picture quality in HQ movies (12-14 GB for a 1080p movies, Bluray rips) between the monitor and TV, Samsung UA48J5200, a 5 year old 1080p TV which isn't that highly rated. The TV looks much sharper, much more lively and colorful, much more cinematic. I don't expect a 1500$ TV/OLED performance from a PC monitor, but that's a big difference. Is there a 23-27 inch monitor (TV would be too big) which can produce a good, cinematic picture? Even an entry-level TV picture would be good. Although, were there big improvements in PC monitors since my P2314H, aside from higher frame rates and resolutions? Would there be a noticeable difference between my 7 year old IPS and a current 23-24 inch IPS monitor in the same price range? Specifically in movies.