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  1. Ok I will try there is no bent pins I don’t think you can check if you want. There original cpu was a Pentium g870 and it does not work then i tried to put a i5 3570 does not work then i7 2600k and the same thing. It’s a lga 1155 socket motherboard.
  2. Well I read the manual already and tried nothing just turns on then fan speed ramps to max and no display..
  3. Well I take out the battery and it does not work and i tried clear cmos button so what now? It said it would support i7 2600k. now I am stuck here with a dead computer...
  4. It’s the same thing every cpu I put in it. Should I flash the bios if so do I?
  5. The computer is a hp compaq 8200 Elite small form factor. Plus already trying clear cmos already so what now?
  6. I think the motherboard number is PCBWP0MCY2U7ZV motherboard.
  7. Idk the make or model of the Motherboard all a know it has a lga 1155 socket .
  8. I have one coming maybe 2 days plus i had windows plus on that HHD