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  1. So right now I have a Dell U2410 and I actually really like it, I have had it for a long time...the colors are great and it’s pretty bright. But yeah it’s old, doesn’t even have an LED backlight, and it’s too small. I need something newer and larger, I’m thinking wider. I don’t game and I don’t have a thunderbolt GPU, so I don’t need an insanely high refresh rate display, I also really don’t need something that has the absolute best color accuracy either or HDR. As long as the colors are at least as good as the U2410, I’ll be happy. Same thing with brightness, and etc. I do absolutely care about viewing angles though, I am willing to pay slightly more for something that has wider viewing angles. The U2410 is an IPS display so it’s pretty good in that regard. The main thing I do is audio recording and mixing and production, so being able to see the entirety of the mixing console window is going to be huge. Resolution needs to be “retina” or HiDpi or whatever the cool marketing kids are calling it these days, but remember I don’t have a “real” GPU so the max res the Intel chip can support via DisplayPort is 5120x2880 at 60Hz. I do light video editing with DaVinci Resolve, but nothing professional caliber. Would be nice if it had a built in USB 3.1 hub that can quick charge devices like the iPhone 11 Pro, but it doesn’t need it. Also I don’t need built in speakers or anything like that either, I’ve got three sets of studio monitors already, heh. Does NOT need to be thunderbolt. Display port is fine. For size, I have a useable area of 30” free on my desk at the moment...I realize that’s going to limit the choices, but there’s nothing I can really do about that at the moment. Because of this, something with a larger vertical resolution is preferred over something that is more rectangular and wider. That’s another reason why I like the U2410, it’s 1920x1200 (vs 1920x1080). Oh, the stand...the U2410 has an amazing height adjustable stand. So yeah again, I need something that’s going to either come with a stand that is just as good in terms of height and side to side range, or (less desirable but...) at least support using a 3rd party stand that I can buy separately and use with it. I think that covers just about everything. I’m not looking to spend a crap ton of money here. $400-500 USD seems like a good jumping off point, definitely no more than $1000. Did I leave anything out? Let me know. Thanks to everyone who can give any good suggestions to look at.