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  1. I'm a producer, that's why I have this interface, ¿do you think that the 990s can't be driven fine by my interface? I know that the ideal is to buy an amplifier but they are quite expensive in my country
  2. What do you think about 990s with my interface?
  3. Well... Does anyone else have another opinion?
  4. I am not sure if they have not tried an amplifier before because they are just dedicated to that, to review headphones and amplification systems. I know that dt990 will not give 100% with umc22, but I wonder how well or badly they will work. Anyway I reformulate the last question, do you think ha400 helps with amplification?
  5. Hi all! I have the interface of the title, and I want to buy the dt990 headphones, I am afraid that due to their impedance they do not work well, on many internet sites people say that they work well without an amplifier but I would like to know their opinions. I have seen videos of people who use headphones with laptops and cell phones without without and external amp/dac and they say they work well, I find it hard to believe that a Motorola cellphone has a more powerful amp than an audio interface, that's why I am positive that they work well, but at end i have no idea. Just for reference, I usually use a sony mdr-zx110 with the volume at 50% and when mixing I use them with the knob at 3 clock. If an amplifier is absolutely necessary, would it be nice to buy the behringer ha400?