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  1. Sorry about that RX480 4GB Asus M5A97 r2.0 motherboard Adata ddr3 ram 8gb Thermal take 650w power supply And a FX-8350 CPU No sadly there wasn't any way to know if it worked or not. She was selling it for 100$ but she took 80. Saying the card didn't fit into her case and this thing is huge
  2. not sure, im hoping not. ill have to see when i get my cables tomorrow. is there anyway i can check to see if i was scammed like internally in the card itself? is it possible maybe when she bough it the seller didnt tell her the HDMI ports didnt work? ive read alot of posts on different sites where people say DVI works but HDMI doesnt. DP as well
  3. I recently bought a GTX 1060 6GB from someone on offerup who apparently got it from ebay. she states she couldnt fit the card in her case, i have a RX 480 4GB in right now as we speak, card works great through HDMI. i went ahead and followed a tutorial where i created a restore point and used DDU. When it came time to plug in the new card after wiping the drivers i plug in the hdmi cable into the card but nothing appears on screen. my monitor flashes blue like it does when i turn on my pc after a shutdown but then turns off and the orange light is on. the model of monitor is a VG245.Sadly this monitor only has 2 HDMI ports and one VGA port, i bought a HDMI to DVI and a HDMI to DP adapter on amazon and they are coming tomorrow. My question is, it is possible this person bought a card thats hdmi ports dont work? or is it something on my end? will the new adapters work once i get them? here are my specs and i forgot to note that the power supply is sufficient, 650w thermal take psu and the white light on the GTX is on