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  1. I've upgraded from 8gbs to 16gbs and 1tb to 500gb ssd - total cost $140. The laptop is a free handmedown with a i3-5010U (dual at 2.1). I really like the idea of the 'toughbook' but would rather build my own. I'd like to practice fabricating case mods out of wood, lol. It would be thickened with a sheet of plywood - router out paths for air pockets and parts.
  2. Are you saying, you worked on something and made it worse?
  3. I would like to argue my laptop's stock speakers are bad quality.. I would like to switch them out for better ones - the objective is louder volume all compact inside the laptop for transportation. Any leads would be helpful, thanks. I'm going to 'thicken' laptop to allow better airflow and possible battery upgrade. The new speakers could be a different size