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  1. Okay so I can only get it to bios with one drive but it's not seeing windows. Creating a boot USB drive. Is it possible that my psu failing could of take all but one drive with it?
  2. So I unhooked all my drives but the one with my os installed on it and the light isn't on anymore but no display still
  3. I haven't tried since I got the replacement parts but I couldn't before
  4. Hey guys really would like some help as this has been a long time coming. So I started getting this issue after moving to a new case a few months ago. Vga led came on no display fans spin light come on etc. Just couldn't seem to narrow down the issue so I rma'ed my Evga 2080 super Evga 1000w psu MSI z390 motherboard And i7 9700k Parts came in and STILL happening Tried booting with different RAM sticks and no luck. What the heck could be cause this?!