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    Router input

    not even if i am planning to get a 2.5Gbit in the future saving from buying another one? and what is actually the difference from normal 1Gbit and 2.5Gbit speed or something else even tho it have only 1 2.5Gbit and 4 normals ones so is it sill not worth it?
  2. Dr-Nite

    Router input

    not sure if i picked this on exactly the right topic but it is about networks so yeah i am wondering what is the main diffreance between an 1Gbit and 2.5Gbits i found an really intressting router that also have 2.5Gbit but my motherboard only have up to 1Gbit so is it still worth it since it is still really amazing or should i go for another because of waste of money? what is the main difference and when do you mainly notice? the one i am looking at is the gaming router asus rog GT-AX11000 thoughts?
  3. so in otherwords its not nescessary right now but in the more upcoming (next gen) they might be more useful and on mmo games like wow where you have loading areas?
  4. is a kingston 2000A good option to use as i only game and use streaming services?
  5. thank you for the information now i know i dont need to go higher my friend said i should take one of minimum of 1000w but they are quite expensive and doesnt feel i really needed that much
  6. what i have heared is the speed matters in terms of loading speed in-game but how fast is "fast" loading speed i am not all to good with this stuff but have searched a lot but not really about the ssd:s so have no really clue about it but will 2000mb/s be enough for only gaming and streaming service?
  7. rgb is life but i will see it Oled-display with rgb DO look fancy im just stuck in a dilemma if it is really worth the price
  8. i am wondering on just go back to the asus 850 with no Oled-displaty its 100$ cheaper but lets so my budget is pretty high but lets so what i end up with
  9. i am reffering to the reading and writing speed the higher ends like the nvme ssd:s
  10. i am planning the asus rog thor with the OLED-display
  11. how much speed on my ssd no i really need i am buying a completely new pc and i am just buing one sotrage ssd (1tb) and wonder how much speed is nescessary for me i mostly only play games and watch movies/series and sometimes watch twitch so wonder how much do i really need in terms of speed?
  12. so i am building a new pc and is wondering if 850 w PSU is good enough for the pc or is it overkill or do i need even more? down below you can the the components. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 3.8ghz (CPU) asus geforce 2080 super (GPU) asus rog strix x570-f gaming (motherboard) G.skill 16gb 3200mh (RAM) alphacool eisbaer aurora 360 rgb (water cooler)