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  1. "when any liquid gets on/in an electronic, it should be disconnected immediately" I'm totally aware of this, but i was busy repeating the F word over and over again Actually i disassembled and gave the pcb isopropyl wash, as i mentioned earlier, and nope, could not see any burns! It was looking as good as a new one. I hope it can be saved somehow as its working(sometimes), but i don't really have high hopes, after not ripping out the cable immediately
  2. Hello everyone, I think i need some help from smart people Story: I've spilled a good amount of coke into my beloved K70. After repeating the magic F word many times i turned beloved keyboard sideways so the liquid can escape fast without harming my baby... Oh boy, i was wrong... Totally wrong The KB went insane randomly typing letters, altering between rgb profiles. This suffering was enough and quickly pulled(ripped out) the usb, to save it. Since then KB works randomly, sometimes its repeating the same letter over and over again, sometimes its not working at all, rgb is working sometimes, sometimes its not lighting up at all. When its working, its working for a random period of time, sometimes minutes, other time seconds only before the whole keyboard locks up / freezes and not registering any keystrike. After unplugging and plugging it back again it is working again for a random period of time... What i have tried: Praying for the gods ofc... Promising that i'll never ever bring coke again near my rig A good isopropyl bath None of it worked, the previously mentioned issues still persist My question is: What could have died? Is it worth investing time figuring out where is the problem? Can it be fixed? Or i should just accept my fate and buy a new one? Thanks for the help in advance! EDIT: After using it for a while now (~3 hours) it feels like, it is more stable when the LEDs are not working (not even the num/caps led), not sure if it means anything or just pure coincidence