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  1. Thanks, I realized before that I was reading the dimensions of the packaging, I'll buy it then, there should be no issues.
  2. But why is their website saying the RAM slots will be limited ?
  3. Thanks for answering, but are you sure it will ? According to Bequiet's website there's a 40mm gap between the cooler and the motherboard and the Corsair LPX RAM I wanna buy is 1cm tall. Also what about the "RAM Slots Limited" thing on Bequiet's compatibility tool ?
  4. Hello, I am planning on upgrading my current rig, I'll buy a new motherboard, some new RAM, a CPU and a new GPU, I currently own a Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler, and I'd like to know if the RAM I am planning to buy will fit with my cooler, I heard that low profile RAM goes well with the DRP3, but I'm not sure about that. Also, when I checked the compatibility of the motherboard I'm planning on buying (MSI B360 Gaming Plus) on the Bequiet website, it said that the RAM slots will be limited by the cooler, does anyone have the same RAM/Cooler combination that can tell me if they'll work ? Thanks.