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  1. Going with either the Asrock B550 phantom gaming mini itx/ax vs the Asrock B550m mini itx/ac Same brand, phantom is $200 the other is $130. Is that difference in price justified? Seems like the only difference is ax vs ac wifi, rgb, And an extra m.2 slot. Only need one m.2 boot drive, and wifi 6 doesn't seem that much better, who really needs gigabit wifi speeds? For streaming hd video, downloading games, playing games, you really don't need anything faster then like 25mbps tbh. Which should I buy? I just bought an nzxt h1 case. I think the cheaper one should be sufficient. I may want to try VR in the future if that matters, not sure. I appreciate any advice and input. Maybe you would recommend a different brand altogether?
  2. I have A B550 which has M2 NVME was gonna go with the 660p until I heard It Sucks.
  3. So you recommend the 860 over these m2 drives like the 660p?
  4. So 660p is faster but I've heard its write speeds take a major dip once the drive is to full? Wondering how much storage does a 1tb 660p actually have then before it basically breaks? And does this mean the sata ssds are better because they can store more without massive drops in write speeds? What's the max data you can put on an 1tb 860 evo before it starts shitting out?