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  1. can anyone help my computer keeps crashing while attempting to launch a game wondering if any of these logs would help identify the problem ? its also a fresh install of windows all updates and everything are up to date!
  2. ok thanks for your help. ill upgrade my psu and motherboard and update forum if it fixes
  3. had to run out didn't want to let it run for 8h but thanks for ur 2 cents
  4. tried that for 20mins stopped it jumped into rl for 1min got my friend to demo me 1st demo it crashed...lol
  5. ya i dont think its an update issue i have reformatted it and just the base updates i guess still crashed then tried with all updates and same problem
  6. now what should i be doing in aida64 lol ? system stability test ?
  7. yes first time it happened was with assassins creed odyssey
  8. it is at stock never overclocked it
  9. Ok so my pc just shuts down while playing rocket league no error messages, blue screen, nothing even in windows event logs doesn't show anything. it crashes in other games as well but i have narrowed it down to me getting demoed in rocket league not every time but i would say every 1-3 demos i crash (pc turns off/restarts) other games are just random shut downs/restarts i believe. i have stress tested my cpu, gpu, and ram with prime95, valley benchmark and memtest 64 nothing came back with a problem also tried reseating my gpu, tried removing memory 1 at a time, completely rebuilt my system to see if anything was lose. also reformatted my pc with a new ssd and the problem still here i believe it could be my psu or mobo but honestly have no idea if someone can help i would greatly appreciate it also never overclocked or anything of the such Windows 10 pro 64bit cpu: i7 7700k cpu cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo psu: thermaltake tr2 700w mobo: z170a gaming m5 gpu: evga superclocked 2 gtx 1080 ram: 2x8 -16gb gskill Ripjaws V ddr4 3200 ssd: 120gb, 240gb hdd: 1tb
  10. why would you say that? been running with it for roughly 2 yrs no problems before, i have had it for a while tho it was my psy in my older pc before this one, and if i were to upgrade any recommendations ?